I'm a Computer Engineering Undergraduate, Currently Studying in Final Year at Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.



Reseach Project

Accelerating Adaptive Banded Event Alignment Algorithm

OpenCL | Stratix V

Sheep83 screenshot

Reseach Project

Finite Element Based Structural Analysis Software

A simple platform to share open virtual meetups.

Python | MATLAB | NumPy

CUCUit screenshot

IIoT Based Intelligent Road Traffic Controlling System

Python | MQTT | Arduino | Raspberry pi | ESP32 | MySQL

Sheep83 screenshot

Real-Time Vehicle Identification System Using Image Processing

Python | PyQt | MySQL

Sheep83 screenshot

Pera SAP-I

Predictions of Unknown Dataset

Awards and Honors


Type Code Course
Mathematics GP103 Mathematics 1
GP104 Mathematics 2
EM201 Mathematics 3
EM202 Mathematics 4
EM313 Discrete Mathematics
EM314 Numerical Analysis
EM527 Operational Research 1
Computer Courses GP106 Computing
CO221 Logic networks
CO222 Programming Methodology
CO224 Computer Architecture
CO225 Software Construction
CO321 Embedded Systems
CO322 Data Structures & Algorithms
CO326 Computer Systems Engineering
CO327 Operating Systems
Software Engineering CO328 Software Engineering
CO528 Applied Software Architecture
CO324 Network & Web Application Design
Database CO226 Database Systems
CO527 Advanced Database Systems
ML & AI CO544 Machine Learning and Data Mining
CO541 Artificial Intelligence
CO542 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
Network & Security CO223 Computer Communication Networks 1
CO323 Computer Communication Networks 2
CO513 Advanced Computer Communication Networks
CO325 Computer and Network Security
Electrical & Electronics EE282 Network Analysis
EE285 Electronics 1
EE386 Electronic Devices & Circuits 2
EE387 Signal Processing
Research Courses CO227 Computer Engineering Project
CO421 Final Year Project 1
CO425 Final Year Project 2
Technical courses GP109 Material Science
GP110 Engineering Mechanics
GP111 Elementary Thermodynamic
GP112 Engineering Measurements
GP113 Fundamentals of Manufacture
GP114 Engineering Drawing
General Courses GP101 English 1
GP102 English 2
EF501 Engineer in Society
EF509 Engineer as an Entrepreneur
EF524 Bussiness Law
CO422 Professional Practices
CO423 Software Project Management
CO424 Information Systems Management
EF528 Introduction to Digital Art


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